Saturday, July 16, 2016

Jacob's Super 4th Bday: Cake & Presents

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After we completed our training camp, we headed inside for some water cause we were dying! Of course while we were outside training it was SUPER hot but after the kids went home it actually cooled off quite a bit.  We kept it pretty simply since we went all out with the games plus it was getting late in the day: we had cupcakes topped with avengers rings.

getting ready to sing Happy Birthday!

I could really tell that Jake didn't like the attention/being sung too haha.

Everyone got Jake such great presents!

Odin got Jake a really cool superhero book

Ezra & Elliot got Jake some awesome super hero toys & gummy bears!

Hannah got him an awesome Hot Wheels set that the boys insisted upon putting together right then & there.

And Madeline got Jake a cool bubble gun that the kids played with right away too :)

Fun was had by all! Happy Birthday Jake- (even tho it's next week) You're pretty super, and we can't believe you are 4 yo already!! Thanks to everyone who came!

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